Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Progressive Enhancement Techniques in Web Designing

The main benefit of progressive enhancement is that even the user with the oldest browser has an acceptible experience and the user with a modern browser has a richer experience. In Progressive Enhancement it allows the site to “ask” the device what it is capable of, and then loads only those features that are supported.Sites that take an approach that starts with progressive enhancement don’t need to do any extra work to make this possible.It enhances the user friendliness without reducing the accessibility.

Screen readers have a surprisingly high level of accuracy.Web developers can also more effectively enhance the rendering sequence.Using accessibility techniques strengthens search engine indexing and often introduces more content into a page.The first features of accessibility is to be implemented are the ones that define an application and determine its success. For instance accessibility can be made by Writeing page titles in this order: Page name – Website. This is helpful for bookmarking.

It is important that we not be overly rigid in our approach to creating new Web content.Progressive enhancement doesn’t code for particular web browsers. It seeks to cater to all browsers as best as it can, taking advantage of a browser feature if it has them.
When separating a site build into different layers, developers can much better focus on their specific jobs. Layer separation also makes a website easier to maintain.
Site Performance
Increased web page performance is a residual benefit of applying progressive enhancement principles.This results in fewer data going across the wire, and thus, quicker response times.

General Principles for Developing with Progressive Enhancement

semantic and well-structured HTML for flexibility and interoperability.
enhance the look-and-feel of a design by adding support for browsers with greater features
Enhance the site with rich, interactive features on web browsers with JavaScript.Progressive enhancement is a powerful development philosophy for creating universally accessible sites and web apps.
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