Tuesday, 9 October 2012

YourDream is the new benchmark for brochure designs of corporates

A brochure design is a detailed version of the product’s promotion. You can’t explain the benefits or features of your products in a great detail through billboards or print advertisement.Brochures boast the priceless advantage of combining appealing visuals and layout with informative copy text. It is very important to just focus on the direct objective of a brochure instead of talking about a dozen products, company profile or history of a district.

An effective brochure can educate the customers, give a good identity and credibility to the company, expand the market and encourage customers to take action.

When you are promoting your product or service in a trade show, you need to give people information in a size which has enough in the details and is easy to carry.

Photo quality, be sure the resolution will print and upload beautiful
Fonts should be easy to read and an appropriate size for the web and print
Consider keeping the background color white, this makes words easier to read and printing simpler, plus it just looks clean

There are countless examples online of brochures which “push the envelope” for inspiration, or you can simply take the time to brainstorm different ways to make your brochure stand out. Some ideas include:

Consider a different size
Consider a different folding style such as using something more like a book, or a drop down
Consider using a different piece of art for inspiration such as architecture, a magazine, or other
The center spread should cover everything from the introduction to the first call for action.

Single-fold brochure designs:This type of brochure allows businesses to convey product information in a concise, compact way.
Bi-fold brochure designs:Bi-fold brochure design enables businesses to add large company logos and cover pages to their brochures.
Tri-fold brochure designs:This type of brochure design is the most popular amongst business brochures, as tri-fold borchures offer clever utilisation of space.

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Whether brochures are bi-fold, tri-fold or z-fold brochures that you see around everyday, gate-fold brochures which are great for impact, or professional folders that are so good for your inserts, your marketing team will be thrilled to carry the brochures we design for you